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So, you must check three things here. First, what is the ascendant sign and who is the owner of the sign, second, where the owner of the ascendant is located in a horoscope, and third, are another planets in the ascendant. You should check the power of ascendant owner and zodiac sign of ascendant, if the power of ascendant sign and lord is weak, then its easily says that health concern is weak also on the chart.

And if the ascendant lord is powerful but located at the inauspicious place in a horoscope like in 6th, 8th, 12th homes or houses of enemy , then it says that disease may come in certain time transit.

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If malefic planets like Saturn, Raahu, Ketu are situated in the ascendant, they may give diseases and bad result also. The 6th Horoscope House - Sixth house is known for the loan, bad debts and illness. This considers the bad place in a birth chart and if this place and owner of the place is weak and have less malefic influence, it is good for healthy life.

More power of sixth horoscope house and the Lord make troubles in health. Astrologer should examine these keys for predicting the health. Generally, it is considered the best for healthy life if malefic planets like Saturn, Raahu and Ketu situated in the sixth home and if the auspicious planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus etc.

The 8th Horoscope House - The 8th place represents the age, life force and longevity of age.

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This place and master of eight house should be strong for a long life, but the place should be free from bad influence for better healthy life also. Auspicious planets should not be here for good fitness. Moon Ascendant - Besides of main ascendant, the house and sign in which Moon located considered as Moon ascendant also. The Moon and Moon ascendant sign should be strong enough for good healthy life. As, Moon represents as ascendant itself and represents mind, emotions, and intuitions.

Transit of Planet - An astrologer should examine the current transit and inter transit in a medical horoscope so that prediction can be made for health. Generally, the transit of ascendant Lord gives good result in all sector of life including health and transit of malefic planets gives problems and illness during their transit.

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Native can use some remedies to reduce malefic influences of bad planets by chanting of planets. Examine Three Rules - For the predicting health horoscope, an astrologer should examine three rules to determine health astrology prediction, the lord planet of the body part, the horoscope house related to the body part and position and influence on the master planet of the related house.

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Taken Asked Question Started with Chat. Health predictions via vedic astrology is a tried and tested science. To determine general health predictions, we look towards the rashis in the birth chart or janam kundali in astrology. There are 4 categories of rashis. Each rashi has its own unique traits.

Aries, Leo and Saggitarius are called agnirasis or fiery rasis. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are called bhoorasis or earthy rasis. Gemini, Leo and Aquarius are called vaayurasis or airy rasis. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are called jalarasis or watery rasis. Health is in a good state when the lord of the 1st house, Shani Saturn and 8th house are all in prithvirashi. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are prithvirashi. Average or medium state of health occurs when the influence of Shani falls on Aquarius or Capricorn rashis.

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Those with Jal rashi- Cancer, scorpio and pisces ,i. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have increased heat in the body.

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Jupiter with gemini and virgorashis can create stomach problems like indigestion. Hence, it is vital to be in a good condition. The aspect of mangal, guru, rahu, ketu with malefic nature and ongoing dasha of a person can be responsible for the sudden health issues. Planetary positions affect one's health. For example, Guru's aspect on the 6th house causes stomach and liver problems, diseases such as jaundice etc. If Jupiter is between 12 and 18 degrees, and situated in good rashi, in the 8th house, it gives a good result.

Illnesses can be overcome and one gets better. The rashis have to be friendly to the planet. If they are enemic, then the result is not beneficial, and illness can be long and stressful. Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius are friendly rashis with Jupiter and provide positive results. Libra, Tauris and Gemini are enemic to Jupiter and give negative results.

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  5. This question can be answered by checking the mahadashas that are formed in one's horoscope. The mahadasha of Shani increases the duration and period of illness will be long and relief delayed. Shani in the 6th house gives similar result. The influence of nakshatras are key.